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5 Keys To Effective Weight Loss

efffective weight-loss

Diets abound and each person has their own formula for losing weight. Eat this, don't eat that, eat less, exercise more, drink this shake, take that pill. Some work, some don't, but we all need many tools in our toolbox to help us achieve a challenging goal like weight loss.

Whatever method you're following, whether its low-carb diets like Zone, Paleo or Atkins, or community-based programs like Weight Watchers and connected congress online program, use these tips to ensure your success.

1. Track Important Metrics

That which is measured can be improved. Anything that isn't monitored has no baseline for change. You must track:

  1. Food - Keep a food chart or use an app for recording meals, and particularly any cheats. Review it to see if certain triggers always throw you off the wagon. Some research suggests the best way to monitor food intake is by taking a picture of everything before it goes in your mouth - camera phones are handy for this.
  2. Weight - They say the average American woman gains 2-5 pounds annually without realizing it. While weight fluctuations during a concerted weight loss effort are normal (though frustrating), tracking your weight ensures you're generally heading in the right direction, and making progress.
  3. Body Fat Percentage - For most people the goal of weight loss is actually the goal of fat loss. Most people aren't trying to lose muscle or other key tissues; therefore it's important to see the body fat percentage fall in weight loss efforts.
  4. Other - You may also want to track daily exercise, number of bowel movements, hours of sleep, stress levels, indigestion or bloating. Any of these may be helping or hindering your weight loss, but you won't know until you track them.

2. Ensure Motivation and Accountability

When trying to loss weight, motivation is very important. Some tips for staying motivated are: think about total wellness instead of just the number on the scale, set a reasonable goal, visualize yourself reaching your goal, build in lifestyle changes slowly so you can make them sustainable, and don't forget to celebrate small achievements. Have someone keep you honest: a friend to go to the gym with, a partner who won't tempt you with junk food, a co-worker who always reminds you to drink water; accountability and support are critical.

3. Drink More Water

Drinking water before a meal may aid weight loss by filling up part of the stomach, thus contributing to lower calorie intake. Water also helps to flush toxins which get freed in the metabolism of fat. Persons who are trying to lose weight should drink at least 3.7 (male) and 2.7 (female) liters of water daily.

4. Drink Tea

Drinking tea after meals has been shown to contribute to weight reduction. Studies show that if tea is taken on a regular basis over a time for more than 30 days, it results in weight loss as well as a decline in cholesterol.

Green tea is thought to aid in the metabolism fat.

As with water, hot tea may be even more effective in reducing appetite when drank before meals.

Certain herbal teas may offer a diuretic or laxative benefit which can aid weight loss, and while these may help in the short-term, they are usually not a good long-term solution.

5. Eat Slowly

If you want to loss weight, eat slower instead of racing through snacks and meals mindlessly. Studies by researcher show that people who eat quickly consume more calories and weigh more than those who eat slowly.

All these things can help you to lose weight in a fast and safe manner.

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